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Automotive manufacturers, first and second tier suppliers all face the same pressures in their material handling systems: just-in-time deliveries, 24/7 operations, costs reductions and the need for increased throughput. OEM distribution facilities house hundreds of thousands of parts, many of which are slow moving, and therefore require vast storage space.

Johnston can help you get the most out of your operation and minimize the space required. Our Storage Solutions Group can help you plan and implement the best solution for your particular needs. For example, our storage solutions include a wide selection of racking and shelving to meet any automotive need, and we provide a complete catalogue of storage products.

Johnston Automated Systems speed up the picking process significantly. We provide Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules from KardexRemstar that enable you to store a large number of SKU's in a small space. In addition, we offer a complete line of Raymond® and BT trucks for dock, narrow-aisle and very narrow-aisle applications.

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