Training: Refresher Operator Training

Forklift Operator Certification

CSA, 6.21.1 Retraining: Operators of lift trucks shall receive retraining at intervals not exceeding three years.

Training is an ongoing process, and your operators need to stay up-to-date. Refresher Training sessions are designed for Johnston Equipment trained operators who need a training certificate renewal. This session covers the same modules as the Safety on the Move® - Operating Training program but skips straight to practical evaluations.

We offer full tracking systems that send out national reminders for 18 month and 3 year required training renewals. In addition to these regulated dates, your operators may need a refresher course under the following circumstances:

An Accident

Retraining is strongly advised following an accident or incident that is attributable to operator error in order to prevent future accidents from occurring.

New Equipment

Upgrade training should be provided to lift truck operators when new equipment is purchased, or when the equipment used by the operator is modified.

New Environment or Expectations

Refresher Training can ease the transition from one set of operating conditions to another. A change to the environment in which the operator works - for example, if the operator is moved to a different area or is moving different types of loads - is also cause for retraining.


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